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Escrow Management Accounts

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At Esquire, we understand that most attorneys consider their escrow management and IOLA/IOLTA accounts their most important bank accounts. We leverage our experience and resources to ensure these accounts are among the simplest to manage.


Place your client funds into an IOLA or IOLTA at Esquire Bank, so you can be confident the interest earned will benefit public service programs.

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Escrow Management Account

Save yourself significant time and energy. You can easily create sub-accounts for each client with Esquire Bank’s escrow management account. These sub-accounts are linked to a single master account from which you can make disbursements.

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  • Keep client funds separate from your own

  • Interest apportioned to each individual sub-account

  • Easy transfer of funds from sub-accounts to master account for disbursement

  • Comprehensive monthly statement outlining all activity

  • Anytime, anywhere, account access with online and mobile banking

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