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Funding and cash flow are paramount for successful class action and mass tort firms. Get the significant financial support and flexibility you need with Esquire Bank. From funding client acquisition and case costs to ensuring smoother operations, Esquire is here to back your bold success.

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Tailored Solutions for Class Action/Mass Tort Law Firms

We understand the intricate challenges faced by class action and mass tort law firms operating on contingency fees. Our customized solutions are designed to support your firm’s unique needs, whether it’s securing funding to expand your client intake or investing in resources to manage complex, large-scale litigation effectively. Partner with us today and leverage our deep understanding of your specialized legal landscape.

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Reach and Acquire the Clients to Build Your Case

The success of your matters depends entirely on your ability to acquire large groups of clients. That means advertising at scale, with the marketing budgets to match. The law firm banking experts at Esquire Bank know that your case inventory is your law firm’s most valuable asset and should be used as collateral for financing purposes. That way, you can get the upfront funding you need to reach, attract and acquire the clients to make your case and seek justice for those who have been wronged.

Effective Ways to Advertise Your Contingency Fee Firm

Discover effective strategies to advertise your law firm, featuring Kevin Danesh, founder and managing partner at BD&J, and Ben Fiandaca, senior vice president of Sales at Scorpion.

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Drive Value, Fuel Growth

Class action and mass tort cases require substantial financial resources, including funds for medical expert fees, investigations, court costs, and other litigation expenses. These case costs quickly add up. When your law firm has liquidity and capital with Esquire Bank to spend on case disbursements, it can deliver greater client and case value – and ultimately more revenue. At the same time, you can leverage financing to smooth cash flow and fund growth.

The Added Value of Case Cost Financing for Both You and Your Client

Learn how case cost financing enabled Siegel & Coonerty to invest heavily in case resources that helped the firm attain a $10.8 million settlement for its client.

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Keep Business Moving and Cash Flowing

Effective cash flow management is crucial for class action and mass tort law firms, as your cases often involve extended litigation periods and delayed settlements. Esquire understands your unique challenges and offers flexible credit facilities and other financial tools to help you maintain a steady cash flow. We can help enable you to cover ongoing operational expenses, such as payroll, overhead costs, and litigation-related expenses, without compromising your ability to pursue justice on behalf of your clients.

The 3 Greatest Advantages to Using Credit to Fund Growth

In the face of market volatility and rising inflation, law firm business owners should consider using credit to realize operational savings and fund law firm growth.

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Grewal Law

After allying with Esquire Bank, the law firm acquired another firm, doubled up on its personal injury practice and expanded into mass torts, helping to increase revenue 162% in just more than two years.

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Solutions to Flex Your Success

Maintain consistent cash flow. Expand into new practice areas and geographies. Leverage capital to win more cases, more quickly, while attracting more clients and delivering a better client experience. Esquire Bank makes it all possible.

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